Essential Oils


Rosa Damascena

Rose! No doubt it is the most beautiful flower in the world. The flower with innu­merable stories, legends and myths associated with it. Due to the favourable cli­mate and ancient production tradition, the Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil is a symbol of high quality and uniqueness. The rose aroma is tender, uplifting and soothing, it keeps you charged and feeling happy. It helps women express their femininity by alleviating anxiety and nervous tension and inspiring a confident sensuality. Its valuable skin-care qualities and delicious fragrance make the rose oil a valuable choice in skin care. Mixed into lotions and creams, it is one of the best oils which can give to all skin types a shining, fresh and youthful expression. Rose makes a wonderful and special addition to massage or bath oils, and is extensively used in mood perfumes. It has an antiseptic, anti viral, astringent, aphrodisiac, sedative and tonic effect.


Lavandula officinalis

The lavender essential oil has a clean and refreshing aroma, helping the self-confidence, meditation and fast restoration of the organism. Provides full relaxation, calms down the aggression and removes nervous tension in cases of mental exhaustion and anxiety. It is often used in massage blends and aromatherapy baths to relieve muscle pains. A few drops of the oil in the bath or on the pillow will help against insomnia. It stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, accelerates the processes of healing skin inflammations, sun burns and various skin disorders. It has antiseptic and deodorizing effect. It is one of the basic oils, used against hair loss and dandruff, stimulating the normal vital activity of the hair roots.


Juniperus Communis

.Juniper oil has a beneficial effect, helping to alleviate mental fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and emotional exhaus­tion. It helps to overcome the destructive inward frustration, to instill self-confidence and reputation, developing nobility and intelligence. It relieves inflammations and spasms. The Juniper essential oil helps to regulate body's liquid balance and has a proven tightening effect, thus often used to fight cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks on the skin. In cosmetics the oil is used to fight acne, against oily skin and dandruff, cleaning the skin and increasing its protective functions.


Pinus sylvestris

Its aroma helps the tired body to relax and boosts its spirit. It is useful for people suffering from loss of concentration or memory. Baths with White pine oil are very useful. They influence positively the central nervous system, restore the activity of the cerebral cortex and relax the body. They remove anxiety and nervous tension; bring a calm and deep sleep. Pine oil is popular for its use as an ingredient of pharmaceutical products; its antiseptic characteristics are used in treatment of infections of the respiratory track and sinuses, coughing, bronchitis, asthma and flu. Another important benefit of pine essential oil is its use for treating various skin problems. When used in cosmetic products it gives the skin a balanced, smooth, renewed and shiny appearance. This oil increases the resistance of the organism.


Achillea millefolium

The Milfoil Essential has a revitalizing effect in cases of physical and mental fatigue, strengthens the spirit. It helps maintaining the balance of intellect and creativity. It contains azulenes which contribute to its blue color and anti-inflammatory properties. Suitable for oily skin and acne, stimulates hair growth. Suitable for balancing the functions of the respiratory and digestive systems.


Matricaria chamomilla

Conventional / Organic / Pharmaceutical 100% pure and natural oil, obtained from water – steam distillation of German Chamo-mile plants (Matricaria chamomilla) The German chamomile oil has a sweet, straw-like fragrance, is dark blue in color and its viscosity is medium. Chamomile German essential oil is distilled from the dried flower heads of the Matricaria recutitia plant. In Bulgaria, fields of German chamomile are fragrant herbs which we harvest just as they flower to ensure the quality of the final oil.


Geranium macrorrhizum

The pharmaceutical-grade Geranium essential oil we produce a 100% pure and organic. It is sourced entirely from the crops in our own fields and produced via a process of steam distillation in our own distillery before being tested in our own laboratories.

Obtained from the fresh ground part of the wild plant Zdravetz (Geranium macrorrhizum) through steam distillation. The major component of this oil is the germacrone, as well as the stearates and sesquiterpene ketones, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, alcohols and monoterpene compounds.

Azulenes are responsible for giving the oil its green colour.

Appearance: Fluid liquid above the congealing point
Color: Pale Green
Odor: Typical of Bulgarian Geranium (Zdravets) OilContent of Microcompounds, % (by Gas – Chromatography)
– Germacrone 50,00 – 55,00
– Geraniol 6,83 – 20,70


Melissa officinalis

100% pure and natural oil, obtained from direct steam distillation of fresh Melissa plants (Melissa Officinalis) also known as Lemon balm


Anthemis nobilis

100% pure and natural oil, obtained from water – steam distillation of Roman Chamomile plants (Anthemis nobilis). The Roman chamomile essential oil has a sweet, apple-like fragrance and is very light clear blue in color with a watery viscosity.

The plant flower heads are then dried and pass through a process of distillation at our own distillery and are then tested in our own laboratories.

Oil Description:
Appearance: Viscose liquid
Color: Yellow-Brown
Odor: Typical of Anthemis nobilis flowers